Disasters happen when you decide to color your own hair, have a friend do it, or use a hairdresser who is not experienced. Come to the Hairhouse for your hair color correction.

Have a hair color disaster? Come see us. We’ve been correcting hair color for over twenty years, so you can count on our skill and experience, use of the best hair products, and our dedication to restoring health and beauty to your damaged hair.

A hair color correction in the hands of a skilled expert will give you amazing results. It can include minor adjustments to the overall tone, or a few highlights to the existing color to make it look more natural, or elimination of unwanted brassy or ashy tones.


Then there are the REAL DISASTERS. When the problem is severe, and the condition of the hair has been affected, we need to work with the hair over a period of months before achieving results.

In many cases, we use a highlight/ lowlight combination to achieve natural looking hair. This technique is gentle on the hair and effective with brunettes, redheads, and blondes.

A hair color correction we do often is taking hair that has been colored dark brown or black back to a lighter shade or blonde. There are various techniques to achieve this, depending on the build-up of color and the shade of blond desired.

Hair Highlights