Fashion isn’t only for women. In the last couple of years, there has been a huge resurgence in vintage barbering styles and classy undercuts. Mens’ haircuts mens’ hairstyles are important!

Men are becoming more and more aware of their looks. It’s important to feel comfortable and to  look attractive.

Despite the huge popularity of man buns and shoulder-length hairstyles, short haircuts still prevail, due to their clean cuts and precise styling.

At the Best Little Hairhouse, we have many male clients who come to us  simply because we listen to their needs and wishes. There is no cookie-cutter approach here. You have a voice, and we listen!


Classic Taper
One of the top men’s hairstyles is the classic taper. This is a low maintenance haircut with a high degree of style. While the sides and back of the head are shaved short, the top of the head still has a little hair for styling. It’s a timeless cut. This cut is best for men and boys who don’t want to fuss too much with their hair. The short hair at the top can be spiked for texture or combed forward with gel or mousse. This haircut works best with oval faces, short foreheads, and strong cheek bones.

Long Buzzcut
If you’re tired of the work that comes with long hair, consider the long buzzcut. Short hair is all around the head, but it’s still enough to be called hair. This is a great option for boys who are involved in sports or other high-energy activities, since it won’t require too much hassle. The long buzzcut is another low maintenance style. A small amount of gel or mousse can be used, but this haircut is most often kept natural. It works best with oval faces, short foreheads, and strong jawlines.

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