Marrakesh Oil

Marrakesh Oil fuses modern haircare technology with rare natural ingredients including Argan Oil from Morocco and moisturizing Hemp Seed Extract to create unique a haircare elixir that adds shine, conditioning and protection.

Marrakesh Oil gives your hair brilliant, vibrant shine without oily or greasy residue.  It helps protect from heat damage resulting from thermal styling and moisturizes and conditions naturally.

For centuries, oil from the Moroccan Argan kernel has provided natural nourishing benefits for the hair and scalp.  Marrakesh Oil is a blend of Argan Oil with deep-moisturizing hemp seed extract to create a unique haircare elixir with miraculous results.

Gives brilliant shine
Moisturizes and conditions for thermal styling
Absorbs quickly without greasiness
Controls frizziness
Protects hair from the elements

Marrakesh Oil is a non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly to give instant shine leaving your hair beautiful with maximum control of frizz and protection from the elements.

You will love the smell!!